RBT’s inception started with a drive

to provide a full hands-off solution to both tenants and landlords

RBT Rental Management is a subsidiary of Buy Berlin Investments GmbH on a joint venture with Trust-AGN- Holding-GmbH. We are managing a large portfolio of furnished apartments all over Berlin with an emphasis on safeguarding the interests of the owner and tenant. RBT Rental Management rises above the rest with high standards in terms of furnishing the apartment with personal service.

Our Story

We are managing an extensive portfolio of furnished apartments all over Berlin, with an impressive occupancy rate of 97% since 2018.

Despite the size of our portfolio, we give personal attention to each and every customer. We make the time to know you and allow you to know us. We put an emphasis on safeguarding the interests of both the landlord and the tenant.

For owners, we can guarantee the best care an apartment could get from renovating, furnishing, fitting, cleaning and matching new tenants to their dream home in Berlin! As tenants, as soon as you arrive in Berlin one of our agents will meet you in the apartment and hand you the keys to your new home. We are available for your every need and are always by your side. We will even help you prolong your contract once you wish to extend your stay, as many of our tenants do.

Our team is multicultural, multilingual, and knows your needs. In fact, many of us have first-hand experience of moving to Berlin! This experience is key to providing you, both owners and tenants, with the best advice on where to invest or how to settle in Berlin and find your future home.

Feel free to visit us at any time at our offices in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Our door is always open!

RBT Rental Management was established on 2018 as a subsidiary of Buy Berlin Investments GmbH on a joint venture with Trust-AGN-Holding-GmbH.


Our dedicated team will expertly advise you on the most suitable products for your property, based on its location, layout, and budget. Your quotation will be fully illustrated and itemised, especially for your property! By doing this, we ensure that you make the best decisions and are always informed and up to date. Our delivery is timely and efficient: We take every little thing into consideration, including locations of sockets and vents in relation to your floor plan.

Darrell is a director and original founder at RBT, and CEO of Buy Berlin Investments. Has previous experience in the French real estate market as an original founder of FrenchBuy2Let from 2003 which specialised in assisting and advising International investors. Since 2006 Darrell has been looking after clients from all around the world with investment in the German real estate market.

With an extensive knowledge in particular of the Berlin market, Darrell is well positioned with the experience of dealing with developers and management companies over the last 13yrs. You can expect 100% transparency, no horror stories, and nasty surprises when working with Darrell.

Kobi became the operations manager of RBT Rental Management in 2018. Kobi’s role involves managing apartments for our real estate investors and being the first port of call for all our tenants needs. Kobi overseas all apartments we have under management reaching a 97% occupancy rate throughout 2018, a figure which continues to be maintained despite a rapidly increasing portfolio.

Kobi always goes the extra mile for making sure all issues between landlord and tenant are run smoothly and professionally. Kobi also has over a decade as a film producer with experience in producing award-winning narrative international TV series and films.

Nils is one of the Co-Founders of RBT-Rental Management and Trust GmbH, two of the partnering companies within the umbrella which also includes Buy Berlin. Nils has been working in the Real Estate industry since 2009 and holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanics.

Nils is also a licensed Real Estate Agent and holds a wealth of experience in asset management. Since 2012 Nils has been heavily involved in the refurbishment and modernisation of many properties. In his spare time you can find him sailing on the lakes of Berlin.

Verena has worked as an office manager in the real estate market since 2011 with the focus on customer service and the connection between property- and house managements, owners and tenants. After many years of study for office administration Verena worked in the field of renewable energy before she moved to Berlin in 2011. In Berlin Verena was working as a property manager as well as an office administrator in a large Real Estate company dealing with clients from all over the world

Verena joined RBT Rental Management in 2018 and has cemented herself as the spine of the business, assisting in the day to day running of all aspects of the business. Verena is also a licensed instructor for office management. Verena spends her free time enjoying sports like volleyball indoor and outdoor or landscape photography.

Gidi is a seasoned investment manager with a major focus working with international investors, boasting over decade experience. He has a deep understanding of the city and its Real-Estate market and tendencies. Since 2011 Gidi has managed hundreds of residential properties. In 2015 co-founded TRUST-AGN Holdings, a Berlin-based asset management firm specialized in the residential sector. With TRUST-AGN Holdings now partnering RBT Rental Management and Buy Berlin, Gidi now actively overseas the international side of the business.

Gidi holds a B.A. In Computer Science and a M.A. in Computational Neuroscience. Prior to his move to the real estate industry, Gidi worked as an independent Web- and Data-applications developer, with experience in the fields of academic research, Neural Networks and Machine Learning. Gidi has lived in Berlin with his family since 2006, An active musician, participating in Jazz, Folk, and Oriental music ensembles.