Rental Management

With an average of 97% occupancy rate, your apartment is in good hands with RBT Rentals Management. First off, we make sure that apartments under our care are noticed and viewed by prospective tenants. We cater to all individual tasks in regard to the rental of your asset: from signing contracts, handovers and collecting payments.

We are the first stop for your tenant requests throughout the course of the rental period. Second, we take care of maintaining the apartment with its inventory as necessary and complete other property-related tasks.


  • Advertising the apartment on major rental platforms
  • Initial contact with tenants and scheduling viewings
  • Preparation of rental and service contracts
  • Handover of apartments
  • Collection of security deposit
  • Collection of monthly rents
  • On-call service for tenants
  • Bi-monthly cleaning + final cleaning
  • Co-ordination of maintenance and repairs


  • Transferring of rental income
  • Provision of a income reports for tax purposes
  • Hands-on maintenance and regular updates
  • Direct and close correspondence with our clients in German or English


With a vast industry experience, we know what tenants are looking for in an apartment. By combining these expectations with our large furniture collection and experienced design team, we can create your dream rental apartment from start to finish. Our holistic approach is manifested through a close collaboration between our technical-, design- and management teams, all in house.

A multi-facet, long-term planning results in a high-quality apartment with durable appliances and inventory that are also up to par with today's rental standards. This process guarantees customer satisfaction and constant high demand.

Furnishing services include:

  • Package price, no last-moment surprises
  • Bespoke interior design to fit your specific needs
  • Top household appliance selection
  • High-quality, state-of-the-art furniture
  • A large variety of items
  • On-site viewing and measuring


Let us take care of the renovation process while you sit back and relax, wherever you are.

Our teams boast ample experience when it comes to renovating buildings and apartments in immaculate standards, working effectively and professionally to spare redundant costs, meet tight deadlines, perform better, and deliver extraordinary results.

  • Professional teams
  • Vast renovation experience
  • Modern design
  • High-quality products
  • Careful planning and co-ordination to ensure maximum efficiency

Kitchen installation

We plan and install German quality products according to the individual layout of each apartment. We will first take measurements on-site and carefully choose materials, design, and well-fitted layout.

We will then present you with the blueprints and, once you approve, build the kitchen and install it in the apartment. The kitchen will be delivered including all branded electrical appliances. Each kitchen includes all usual legal warranties.

  • Extensive design and installation experience
  • On-site viewing and measuring
  • Wide collection of Top-quality materials, built to last
  • Careful planning to ensure a robust product suited to high tenant fluctuation